About Us

The Marist Catholic Primary school is a happy place for learning. Through the pages of our website you should get a good idea of what we are about but if you need any further information or cannot find what you are looking for please do contact the School Office.

Our crest and motto ‘Sub Maria Nomine’ (under the name of Mary) reminds us that everything we do in school is founded in the Gospel Values of Jesus Christ, through his mother Mary. In partnership with you, we will be preparing your children to be articulate and confident ready to face the future with faith.

We recognise the great confidence you place in us by entrusting your children to our care. We hope that they will look back on their years spent at our school with great affection and that you will feel we gave them the best possible start to their formal education.

Our curriculum meets the requirements of the new National Curriculum (introduced in September 2014) but beyond this we have a focus on living the Gospel values in all we do at school, at home and in meeting our responsibilities as children of God living in the world of today with its injustices and inequalities but also its abundant opportunities.

As a school we work hard at helping all our children (and staff) to understand how we learn best and use the concept of a Marist Learner to teach and practice 8 attitudes towards learning which we believe are fundamental to success:

  • Always being ready and open for learning
  • Being enthusiastic and willing to take part and speak up in learning
  • Being confident and willing to take risks with our learning
  • Being able to learn well with others
  • Being able to learn well independently
  • Being happy to learn from our mistakes – not being defeated
  • Being happy and determined to try and try again until we succeed
  • Being reflective about what, why and how we have learned