The Marist is part of a wider community and is itself a community, working in partnership with our families to educate and develop our children to be the best that they can be. We look to work in very close partnership with our families. We hope that you will find all the information in these pages helpful. Any suggestions for more information or ways in which we can improve our website, please do contact the School Office or Miss Kelly directly (

An A-Z for parents
We hope your questions may be answered by our A-Z survival guide to being a parent at The Marist – if not please contact us as above!

As a Green Flag school we try to keep the amount of paper that comes home to an absolute minimum, we also try not to bombard you with hundreds of messages every week. Instead we use The Marist Mail for whole school communication whenever possible but specific messages will come via Schoolcomms text messaging or email when necessary or when related to specific year groups or classes.

See the contact page for specific details of who to contact for various types of enquiry. You can always contact the School Office or Miss Kelly direct.

Should you have a complaint or concern, please do not keep it to yourself but share it with us as early as possible so that we can do something about it and sort it out! The first port of call should be your child’s class teacher or if that is not appropriate, Miss Kelly. There is a formal procedure that you can follow in the rare situations where we cannot sort the problem out quickly together.

Home School Agreement
We ask every family (and every child in KS2) to sign up to our Home and School Agreement. The children use this in school and we hope that you will support us in our aims through the Agreement.

Helping in School
It is wonderful that so many parents are able to help us in school on a regular or ad hoc basis – it makes a huge difference! We welcome parent help for so many things - listening to children read, helping with cooking or gardening activities, helping with our co-curricular offer or accompanying the children on an educational visit, the list is endless. Class teachers will request help when it is needed but if you are keen to volunteer please talk to your child’s teacher in the first instance. You will be required to obtain an enhanced clearance to work with the children – a DBS (formerly known as the CRB), and you will meet with Miss Kelly to discuss the responsibilities of helping in the school and all the fun too!

Helping your child at home
We hold a series of evening events on various areas of the curriculum to help explain what we are doing in school and to give you ideas for helping at home. Handouts and information from these events will be available here. Please keep an eye out on the Annual calendar and The Marist Mail for the next events.

The most important thing is to have a positive attitude towards learning with your child – and making learning fun. If homework becomes a battle it is time to stop. Reading and talking with your children will always be a great benefit and showing them how maths applies throughout the day in practical contexts is also very helpful – dividing family meals into individual portions or fractions, dealing with weights and measures and money. Practical and fun!

Looking for Name Labels?  The Marist Catholic Primary School is registered with Label Planet, a family owned business, which promotes a school fundraising scheme through which the school can receive 30% commission on every order placed quoting the school reference number 23267.

Why choose Label Planet?  Label Planet’s Stikins® name labels are made of an advanced vinyl; all you have to do is stick them onto the wash-care label of clothes. They are a one-size, multipurpose label which can also be used on school items such as shoes, plastic boxes, water bottles, pencil cases etc.

They work!  “I’ve been ordering Stikins for 3 years now.  They stick on anything and everything and have remained in place even after the washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher.  They’re just the right size and I love the fact one type of label works for everything!” from a year 5 parent.

Brilliant service, I ordered late as I had forgotten to do so before I went on holiday and as worried they wouldn't arrive on time for the first day of school. But they did and they're great. So far they stick on anything and everything and have remained in their place. Would definitely recommend.

Help your school! For each order placed ordering The Marist School’s unique code 23267, we earn 30% commission for the school. You can order online (, on the phone (01270 668076) or by using the order form on the leaflet we’ve sent home with your child. If you use the link on the ‘Parents’ page of our school’s website, the school’s code is automatically filled in for you.

Friends of The Marist – our PTA

We are so lucky as a School to have an active, proactive and dedicated PTA Committee that coordinates fundraising and social events for the School community. The money raised by the PTA is all spent on providing additional resources and improving our learning environment for the direct benefit of every child in the school.

You can keep up to date with PTA events and news through the Marist Mail and half termly School Newsletters.

All of our parents are members of the PTA but we need your active support! The PTA meet each month and all parents are welcome. This year, meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm, in the staff room. Arrive late or leave early, stay for whatever time you can manage. Every little helps.

The PTA raises vital funds for the school. This year they have financed the new garden areas and pond, playtime games and donated funds to each class for additional resources.

In the past year the main events have included:

Quiz Night
Come on your own or make up a table with other parents. It is a great way to make new friends and is great fun (and the teachers always seem to lose!).

PTA Cake Sales
Parents are asked to donate cakes and the children asked to bring in a minimum of 20p up to a maximum of £1.00. They then have an opportunity to buy cakes to bring home at the end of the day. All monies are used to benefit the children. Any unsold cakes, after the children have attended are sold to parents at the end of the day. Helpers are always needed for this, to plate up the cakes and sell to the children. The children come in turn to buy the cakes after 2 pm. Reception are accompanied by the Year 6 children, who help them to choose their cakes and to find the correct money to pay. The children thoroughly enjoy this treat. They are allowed to eat one cake at the sale, but are encouraged to save others until home time.

Christmas Fair
A joint event with the Parish this is a good family event with lots going on and lots of stalls.

Second Hand uniform sales
A chance to buy second hand school uniform.

Treasure Hunt
This is a sponsored fun event for the children run in school in the Summer Term. Lots of questions to answer and lots of fun!

Spring Ball
For the last four years the PTA has run a fantastic Spring Ball for parents at a local hotel – a really super evening and a great fundraiser!

Summer BBQ
A Friday evening event in the Summer term, it is a great fun family evening.

Ice Pops
During the latter half of the Summer term, on the hot days, ice pops are on sale, at the end of the day in the playground. This is run by the PTA and the children love them.