The Marist Learner – our approach to learning

We believe that to ensure that all children develop in every sense – emotionally, academically, physically and spiritually – that we have to help them develop the right attitudes for learning. As a result we use the concept of a Marist Learner – 8 attitudes for learning that we believe are central to a child’s (and adult’s!) success in learning and facing the many varied challenges of life today. More information on what this looks like can be found on our Marist Learner pages.

Whole school Curriculum overview

We aim to provide an engaging and challenging curriculum that helps the children link their experiences and ideas to ensure that they make really positive progress across the curriculum. We follow the new National Curriculum introduced in September 2014 and do so using a cross curricular topic based approach. You can see an overview of topics for the whole school here.

Year group topics

Plans for each year group can be seen by following the relevant links

EYFS    Year 1    Year 2     Year 3                Year 4    Year 5    Year 6

Subject areas

You can also follow the subjects through the school by using these subject Curriculum pages. On each page there is a little more information about our approach to the Curriculum as well as information on what your child will be learning in that subject as they move through the school.

There is also a link to the new National Curriculum documents themselves.



Creative arts

Design Technology

Early Years Foundation Stage


EPR (Education in Personal Relationships)

French and Spanish






Pupil Voices



Special Educational Needs and Disabitities

Whole School Educational Visits and Visitors

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our children

Promoting British Values