School Lunches

Our School lunches are GREAT! That’s what the children say and so do many of the staff!

Hot lunches are currently free for children in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2.

For older children there is a cost, £2.25 per day or £11.25 per week from September 2017.

For the term from 6th September to 20th October 2017 the amount is:

£69.40 for Years 4 & 6 due to a trip

£72.00 for Years 3 & 5

 Orders for lunches need to made through the School Office. You are asked to give at least one week’s notice if you wish to move on to or away from hot lunches.

All our children eat together in their year groups, packed lunches and hot lunches together.

We are a Healthy School and so please ensure that any packed lunches are healthy!

Specimen menus and more information are available from Surrey Commercial Services who are responsible for our meal provision.