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All children are provided with rich and varied learning opportunities, covering all seven areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. The EYFS indoor and outdoor classrooms are designed to provide the children with a free-flow environment. They are able to access a wealth of continuous provision and a range of learning resources across both indoor classrooms and the large, well equipped Outdoor Learning Environment. They can access the Outdoor Learning Environment all day, every day. Learning has a basis in play and we provide a combination of child-initiated, adult-initiated and adult-led activities throughout the week.

Formative assessments are continually carried out by the teacher and TAs and ongoing observations and assessments are uploaded onto the children’s online Learning Journeys, or filed in their learning folders. Children are assessed against the Development Matters statements throughout the year, in all areas of learning, through practical activities and observation. They are then assessed on the Early Learning Goals at the end of the year.

The seven areas of learning are divided into three Prime Areas and four Specific Areas.

Prime Areas of Learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development is enabling children to develop a positive sense of themselves and of others.

Physical Development is helping children to develop their gross and fine motor skills, self-care and a positive sense of well-being.

Communication and Language is developing attention, listening and language.

Specific Areas

Mathematics is building on early numeracy skills and developing mathematical understanding in number, calculating and shape, space and measures.

Literacy is promoting phonic skills and early reading and writing.

Understanding the World is helping children to make sense of the world around them.

Expressive Arts and Design is enabling children to make connections between art, music, dance, role play and imaginative play.

The children are also taught RE in line with the whole school policy.