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Our Approach to Latin

At The Marist we teach Latin throughout Key Stage two. We develop the children’s understanding of written and oral Latin and put these into relevant contexts using the Minimus Scheme as our start point. We link our learning to a full range of other subjects – The Greeks, Romans and Tudors in history as well as myths and legends in literature.

We have chosen Latin over other modern foreign languages because we believe that it will provide a solid foundation for our pupils to understand spelling patterns and meanings for a range of words in the English Language. As many of our pupils speak different languages at home already it also ensures that we are offering something new for all of them. It will also support them when they move on to learn different foreign languages at secondary school. To ensure that we are teaching the sounds and content correctly we work closely with Classics For All so that the children get the highest quality input.


Minimus Primary Latin Project

Classics For All